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Electrical Outfitters Services


The Electrical Outfitters is looking toward the future with Solar Collectors, Geo Thermal and Wind Power, all coming of age. We are looking to meet the Electrical Requirements and Training it will take to apply these products in the near future. With the new electric cars coming out, we have already put into place the information and equipment it will take to fuel them. Call us and let’s talk about it.

With the world cutting back on Energy uses, we are working with other construction trades to join Forces with the LEED Program in finding many ways to Value Engineer our future projects. We have taken steps to find ways of cutting Hotels and other commercial building power consumptions. Come by and let us visit about them.

The smallest of things, such as an energy-efficient dimmer can save as much as $8.00 per year. With our lighting systems and products we can help you in your energy efficient plans, be it large or small projects. We can get the job done and save you money.

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